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Created by Marcos Barnes as a bit of fun to see how well car audio systems perform at playing low bass.

At the time Marcos was a dB drag competitor and a M.E.C.A. SPL competitor / SPL judge.

The pd test was added onto the end of the main M.E.C.A. SPL competition as a sort of bonus SPL test.

The testing process tested the systems peak frequency then 4 set frequencies of 40Hz - 33Hz - 25Hz & 20Hz

All readings taken from the head rest using a Term Lab Pressure Sensor.

People liked it!


Andrew of Adassa Audio who was the U.K. Head of M.E.C.A ,ran into difficulties. So the M.E.C.A. SPL format in the U.K. was closed down

Without his help in allowing the pd testing to be carried out after his events this format may have never started.

So a Thanks here. To Adassa Andrew for that.

So. After this had finished...

pd testing was done at some Car Shows and few cruises and meets.

Resulting in a Finals Event @ Motorguard...

Marcos Barnes has the first system in the U.K. to hit over 150.0dB @ 20Hz


The motorguard event was a very good success. Thanks to Paul Coughlin (Mazdawg) for his help.

www.pure-carma.co.uk a legal cruise set up at the old Mean Street Cruise site in Arena Essex Raceway started this year and they wanted an SPL event...

So (((pd))) jumped on board and have held events there every 1st sat of each month from May till October.

Again this wouldn`t have happened if it wasn`t for the badgering of Henry (Proffessa) to get something going back at the old mean street cruise site.

ICEMAN Ian Pinders Orion HCCA system is the first to get an average of 155dB+


The fixed venue works well and lots of new people have been attracted to the event.

Again many thanks to the team @ www.pure-carma.co.uk

U.K. dB drag and (((pd))) team up to hold events where the competitors of both different types of SPL formats are encouraged to give each others SPL a go.

A nice event.

Helping to bring more awareness to both SPL formats.

Richard VXincar is the first person in the U.K. to hit 150.0 dB+ figure in the boot classes. Using 4x Orion HCCA 12" and 8000wrms of power.


The Joose (Project Big Black) Is the 1st to hit over 155dB @ 20Hz!!!

(((pd))) gets its own forum area on the WORLDS LARGEST Car Audio Forum. Thanks to the team @www.talkaudio.co.uk

(((pd))) takes its first step into new territories and enters Europe via www.bilstereotavlingar.se Swedens Car Audio

Another European Country...Holland is also considering taking on the (((pd))) format.


Antoine ( THE GENERAL ) of De-Bunker Audio in the Netherlands takes (((pd))) to new heights in Europe. Already sponsored by some leading manufacturers the SPL format is a great success and every event is attracting more people. Sad news this year as we lose one of our most crazy bass heads - Joe Agii U.K. Distributer for Earthquake Died in August. He was always pleased to help people, his enthusiasm for bass was immense and anyone spending 5 mins with him would soon be converted into a full on "Must have more Bass" Bass Head.


((pd))) Europe is HUGE!! Events are getting very busy with over 60 competitors giving it some in the SPL lanes. (((pd))) have multiple sponsors in Europe. (((pd))) gets its FIRST 150.0dB AVERAGE Boot Boomer! 2x DC sounds 15"s and 5000wrms of power. Total Average Score = 150.8dB
Peak = 151.2dB @ 33Hz
40Hz = 150.2dB
33Hz = 151.2dB
25Hz = 149.9dB
20Hz = 147.9dB
Well Done to Stewart Jevons!


The UK`s First 160dB+ systems. Wayne Higley`s Golf - First to hit over 160dB!

...12 Hours Later - Mark Smiths Volvo also hit over 160dB!

Stuart Jevons is raising the bar again. The UK`s First 150dB @ 20Hz Boot Boomer.

(((pd))) UK - Gets its first ever Sponsor.


The UK`s First BB4 system to hit 150dB. MUSHY of Team Hz Addiction Celebrating his 150dB with a well deserved CIGAR! NO-WALL systems builders are going crazy. This year sees more LOUDER! NO-WALL set ups than ever.

Steve Harringtons Loudest Ever No-Wall System.
1st to Average 155dB - Steve Salisbury - Team Waffle

(((pd))) UK now has Multiple Sponsors

(((pd))) UK - Visit (((pd))) Europe @ The Automaxx Summer Edition event - Good times were had by all
Sanders of Europe takes (((pd))) Loudest EVER system title - Averaging over 159dB


Did anything interesting happen in 2015? Yes! We had a model. Gemma Jordan:
Also, Australia and New Zealand take up the (((pd))) format.


(((pd))) UK goes digital! All of our scores are now saved in a database and kept forever! The top scores from 2012 onwards are all painstakingly fed in and made available to search.
Ste Harrington becomes the first NoWall to hit a 160 peak in the UK, just as Sanders Meuffels becomes the first (((pd))) system to AVERAGE a 160db in Walled + in the Netherlands!!! Peaking at 162.65 @ 40hz, that's gotta hurt...


Greg Fagan gets a 160db AVERAGE in Walled + for the UK... ...and still has time to help out others during the competition.
Mushy joins the 160db average club at the Christmas special.

Thanks Santa!

Also, I (turbo toni) finally hit a 150db from the boot in BB6! With a little help from my friends:


Liam B raises the bar in Walled 6k, A great set of scores achieved with Liams Box Design and construction skills coupled with 6x Fi Subwoofers and a huge red devil of a B2 Amp
Errol Smith making that astonishing 152dB @ 10Hz score which the founder of pd still can`t get his silly head round it.

(((pd))) thanks everyone at King Of The Ring events in Arena Essex for all their support and help. We bid a sad farewell to everyone at "King of the Ring" as the venue has been sold on to developers.


We introduced the EXTREME system category, now seeing incredibly loud low frequency scores.
Our new trailer debuts at the Festival Of Wheels! Easier to setup, and with better access to throttle Marcos!
Darrol Ellis hits 160dB @ 20Hz! What an achievment.
Santa pod appears to be liking what we do there so it looks like we may have a permanent bass venue to test from again
Incredibly loud scores being made by other countries taking advantage of the new Extreme categories. Finland move the goalposts to a different postcode!


This guy.