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The Worlds Largest SPL Competition Format for Ultra Low Frequency Car Audio Systems

(((pd))) propper droppers is the WORLDS 1st and ORIGINAL, MULTIPLE FREQUENCY SPL competition format for finding out just how LOUD your car audio sound systems can truly play Ultra Low Frequency BASS. Our SPL testing frequencies start at 40Hz and drop to 20Hz.

With a standardised set range of
40Hz – 33Hz – 25Hz – 20Hz – Peak
Your Peak score in the main (((pd))) SPL League is taken as your highest out of the four set frequencies that you have been tested in. The scores that you achieve are averaged out and it`s your average score that determines your place on our leaderboards.

(((pd))) propper droppers has been running for over 11 years!
In the u.k alone, we test around 200 different systems a year, with our scoreboards holding over 1000 contestants.

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