SPL Testing @ Ultra Low Frequencies                  Testing your car audio system  at its Peak SPL and at four set frequencies of  40Hz   33Hz   25Hz   20Hz  ////////////   The pd SPL format started booming in the U.K. in 2008.  Created by Marcos H Barnes A.K.A. Mega Heavy Bass. A former SPL competitor.//////////  dB readings are taken from the vehicles Head Rest    The doors and windows are allowed to be opened.   Like to know more?       ...Then please feel free to browse this site.       Thank You For Your Interest.           Copyright 2014 by "Marcos H Barnes"
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We supply and distribute the worlds finest car audio products
Subwoofers Designed by a Bass Head for Bass Heads
Built in U.S.A. to Custom U.K. Specifications.
High performance subwoofers that come in 3x increasingly more powerful design specifications.
Double Series
Tripple Series

BA Series.
Subwoofers to suit all types of systems for quality entry level bass reproduction to the most demanding SPL conditions.
Subwoofer Ranges Include.
/dB Xi / Magma / Sub Zero
Subsonic Audio subwoofers guaranteed to move insane amounts of air
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